"Episode 4"
Season 1, Episode 4
Kirsten Eller and Troels Hartmann 1x04
Air date January 28, 2007
Written by Søren Sveistrup (Head writer)
Torleif Hoppe (Screenplay)
Directed by Birger Larsen
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"Episode 4" is the fourth episode of the first season. It premiered on January 28, 2007. Søren Sveistrup is the series head writer and the screenplay for this episode was written by Torleif Hoppe. The episode was directed by Birger Larsen.



Oliver Schandorff and Jeppe Hald both lie about their alibies on the night of the murder of Nanna Birk Larsen. They are arrested but then released when no hard evidence links them to the crime. Further forensic evidence emerges suggesting that the killer kept Nanna hostage for almost a day and then cleaned her up before she was killed. DCI Sarah Lund believes that the boys could not be responsible and releases them. DCI Jan Meyer is certain that they were the killers, especially when video evidence shows Oliver having sex with a girl in a witches costume in the boiler room of the school.

Mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann is convinced that Morten Weber was responsible for leaking information connecting their campaign to the murder to the press by his adviser Rie Skovgaard. She confronts Weber and he denies any involvement. Centre Party leader Kirsten Eller agrees to an alliance with Hartmann.

The Birk Larsen family continue to struggle to come to terms with their daughter's murder. Theis arranges for the family to remain in their flat, attempting to sell the new house he bought for them before Nanna's death. Pernille visits the college and is comforted by Nanna's friend Lisa and then her teacher Rama. Pernille's parents come to stay with them to help them to cope while arranging Nanna's funeral.


Wednesday 5th NovemberEdit

DCIs Sarah Lund and Jan Meyer have their team spend the night of Wednesday 5th November collecting evidence from the Fredericksholm College boiler room. Lund calls her son Mark at 7:15 p.m. and says that she is expecting to work all night. She asks him to practice his Swedish and avoid playing Ice Hockey.

Meyer shows Lund down to the boiler room and reports that the crime scene techs have found blood on the walls and mattress in the room along with some other deposits which may be semen. He says that they also recovered hairs, including some from murder victim Nanna Birk Larsen's costume. Lund asks who had access to the room and Meyer explains that they have found multiple fingerprints and that there is access from within the school via a stairwell or through the basement via a locked door. Lund notes the drug paraphenalia littering the room and Meyer reports finding cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines in the room.

Lund interviews the principal, asking what the boiler room is used for. She says that it was supposed to be for storage and was not aware that the students had access to it. Lund asks if the student council had access and the principal asserts that the room should have been locked. Lund shows her a photograph of Jeppe Hald and asks for her opinion of him. The principal says that he is a star pupil and president of the student council. Meyer asks about Oliver Schandorff, noting that he shares a flat with Jeppe. The principal says that both of them come from good families. Meyer catches the inferred prejudice against Nanna, the daughter of a removal man. The principal denies being prejudiced. Lund ends the discussion by thanking the principal for her assistance.

Jeppe is held for questioning. Lund enters and invites him to sit; he asks why he is there. She tells him that it is routine. He complains about having a physics essay to do and she repeats her invitation to sit. She asks him about seeing John Lynge delivering campaign material in the basement on Friday 31 October. He confirms talking to him and she asks why he did not mention it when questioned earlier, pointing out that he knew they were looking for a drive. Jeppe says that he did not know that Lynge was a driver. Lund asks if Jeppe saw Lynge's lost car keys. He answers by asking if he is there because of missing keys. She asks why he was in the basement and he claims to have been fetching things for the Halloween party bar. Lund tells him about the evidence of a party that they found in the boiler room. He admits that the party organizers had a room for their drinks. She says that they found traces of blood and drugs in the room. He denies knowing about the room. She asks if he can explain why the hat was there and he claims to have last been in the room a 9 p.m. fetching the final beer kegs. He says that there was no-one there. Lund asks him if he is sure he did not return later and he sticks to his claim. Lund tells him that none of the other party guests saw him after 9:30 p.m. and asks what he was doing. He claims to have had to leave the party to replace the last fuse, having used it when their disco ball set fused the electricity. Lund asks when he returned and he says that he had to cycle a long way. He says that when he returned he found Oliver asleep in the classroom having had too much to drink. He says that he helped Oliver walk home and that they arrived around midnight. Lund says that it was early and he elucidates that he had a trip on the Sonderris estate the next day with his hunting club. He says that he stayed there throughout the weekend. He expresses a desire to help more but claims to have said everything that he knows. Lund suggests that he would not mind giving them his fingerprints and a DNA sample, explaining that otherwise she would have to arrest him to get them. He asks for his lawyer.

Meyer reports checking on Oliver's whereabouts; he worked in a cafe on the Saturday then got drunk with a female colleague and went to his parents' house. An officer brings Meyer a burger and he thanks them. He tells Lund that Oliver remained at his parents' house until Monday, while unwrapping the food. Lund asks if he got one for her and he jokes that he thought she only ate Swedish sausage. She is unamused and pours herself a drink. She asks Meyer what the boys' motive would be. He says that it does not matter because they know they are lying and have no alibi. He says that he will question Oliver again. Lund points out that he has asked for a lawyer. Meyer says that he only has that right if he has been charged, not if he is being questioned as a witness. Lund tells him to stop, asking for mouth swabs and hair samples. She says that they have to arrest them now to obtain the samples. Meyer argues that their lawyers will take hours to arrive but Lund orders him to concentrate on checking their flat, e-mails and phone records. She also tasks him with finding the girl who Oliver spent the weekend with.

Theis Birk Larsen tries to ring Lund from his office but hangs up when he gets her voicemail message. He moves a metal cage aside to look at a drawing on the wall of his office, Nanna had written "Faith moves mountains, and Dad moves the rest" on a picture of him holding a piano in one hand. He goes inside his house and checks with Pernille that their sons are asleep. Pernille says that she knows that he is angry with her. He says that he is not and that he just thought it would do them good to get away. He reminds her that they agreed to put the boys first. Pernille maintains that she cannot leave because she needs to know what is happening and the police may need her. Vagn Skærbæk enters with pizzas for the family. He says that he will fix their broken dishwasher so that it will last until they move into their new house. Pernille is still unaware that Theis had bought a new property just before Nanna's death. She asks what Vagn means and Theis reveals that he intended to surprise her with a house in Humleby before the murder. She embraces Theis as Vagn contemplates his mistake.

Chief Superintendant Erik Buchard meets with Lund to discuss the case. He flicks through a pile of crime scene photographs as they speak. He asks what evidence they have against the boys. She says that there is nothing until the DNA database comparison results come in but that she has been promised priority and is expecting them later that day. Buchard asks if she is aware who they boy's parents are and she asks why it matters. He says that he is concerned for the department. Lund promises not to make trouble. Meyer enters to report that politician Troels Hartmann has requested a meeting. Lund says that it can wait until after they search the flat. Buchard orders her to have the meeting while Meyer conducts the search, reminding her that she just promised to protect the department.

At Hartmann's City Hall office his adviser Rie Skovgaard tells him that his campaign manager Morten Weber has just left. Hartmann expresses disbelief that Weber would betray him, citing their twenty year history. He asks why Weber would help his rival Mayor Poul Bremer and Skovgaard maintains that Weber e-mailed a journalist about Hartmann's connection to the police investigation (the victim's body was found in a campaign vehicle). Hartmaan insists that they do not know the e-mail's content and that it could have been innocent. Skovgaard says that is unlikely and Hartmaan asks what he is meant to do. He questions the legality of checking Weber's e-mail records and then answers his phone. Lund is returning his call and he arranges to meet her for dinner at The Canal Cafe near the Frederiksholm Canal. He ends the call and changes the subject to the deadline for forming an alliance with Kirsten Eller and the Centre Party. Skovgaard reminds him that the deadline is 6:00 p.m. the next day and says that Eller is awaiting their proposal. Hartmann insists that they only compromise on the environment. He leaves the office, promising to call her later.

Lund waits impatiently for Hartmann at the cafe. When he arrives he asks about Nanna's parents and she queries the reason for their meeting. He explains that he has a press conference the following day and wants to check his statement. He says that he is worried about further surprises from the investigation. He asks if he can refute a connection the campaign and Lund is half hearted in her support. Lund goes to leave but notices an appetizing meal being brought to another table. Hartmann offers that he may have been too judgmental before. She orders a meal for herself from the waiter.

Sarah Lund's mother Vibeke helps Mark to practice reading in Swedish. They are confused by the term "Jelly Babies." The doorbell rings and Vibeke says that it will be Sarah. Mark is not so positive. It proves to be Bengt, who explains that he finished work early and caught a flight back to Copenhagen from Stockholm. Bengt has brought gifts with him; a hockey shirt for Mark and chocolates for Vibeke. He explains that he can only stay for one night and Vibeke offers to let him and Mark use her room. He asks after Sarah.

Hartmann and Lund continue their meal and Hartmann asks for Lund's advice regarding the leak from his office. He asks about the legality of checking server records of his employees and she says that it is illegal to check without contractual backing. She recommends that he speak to the person involved. Hartmann asks if she believes in fate and explains that Nanna's death has changed his circumstances dramatically. She states her belief that they control their own lives. He asks what her life is like and she reveals her plans to move to Sweden with her son. She asks if he has children and he tells her that his wife died two years earlier but that he has now met someone else. Lund correctly guesses that he is seeing Skovgaard. He jokingly asks if she can see into his pockets too. Lund answers her phone and learns that Bengt is in Denmark. She agrees to hurry home. Hartmann offers to pay the bill and she urges him not to leave it to the taxpayers.

Lund calls Meyer late that night to ask about his progress. He says that he took samples and a computer from the boys' flat. She asks if there was anything in Nanna's room to indicate who she was seeing and he asks her if the discussion can wait until the morning. She insists that Nanna must have had a date. Meyer complains that it was probably Oliver but that she has prevented him from questioning the boy. She moves out of the bedroom to carry on the conversation without waking Bengt and Meyer complains that she has woken all of his household. She asks if the Birk Larsens have remembered anything and Meyer reports that one of their detectives told them details about Nanna's death. Lund tells him that she will talk to the parents again the next day. He agrees and ends the call.

Thursday 6th NovemberEdit

Lund drives Bengt to the airport. She tells him that her mother has offered to come on Friday to help with the housewarming party. He says that he has already cancelled it and thinks it best to wait until after her case is solved. She insists that they go ahead, joking about looking forward to seeing his similarly named friends. She asks if he believes in fate. He shares her view that people control their own lives.

She goes to speak to the Birk Larsens. She finds Nanna's room already searched but has a look around for herself. She finds a book of poetry and looks through Nanna's photographs and possessions. She finds a new pair of boots in her closet. Theis enters to tell her that Pernille is home and he asks her to be careful what she tells her.

Lund apologizes that the family were given troubling details about Nanna's death and tells them that the Detective responsible has been transferred off the case so they will not have to see him again. Theis is pleased but Pernille says that she wants to know the truth about what happened. Lund says that Nanna probably left the party in the stolen car where she was found. She reveals that Nanna was raped and beaten, assuming that she fought back. Pernille asks if it took place in the woods. Lund says that they think so but it is possible that she was held elsewhere first. Pernille asks why Nanna claimed to be staying with her friend Lisa and Lund responds that they are still trying to work that out. She asks them if they have remembered anything else. Pernille says only that Nanna would have told them if something was wrong. Lund asks when Nanna stopped seeing Oliver and Pernille asks if he is involved. Lund says that she is just gathering information. Pernille says that it ended six months ago and Oliver was her first real boyfriend. She says that Nanna was not upset but Oliver kept calling her. Lund answers a call and says that she has to leave. She asks about the boots she found in Nanna's room. Pernille is not aware of them and wonders why Lund is asking. Lund says that she always asks lots of questions and that it might prove to be irrelevant.

Lund returns to the Police Department to find Meyer arguing with Oliver's lawyer. She takes Meyer into their office and asks the lawyer to wait outside. Meyer admits that he drove Oliver around all night. Lund is concerned that Meyer questioned him unlawfully. Meyer asks Lund to look at Oliver's correspondence records, explaining that he rang Nanna 56 times in one week. Lund repeats her inquiry and Meyer says that the lawyer was late and there was no cell so he had breakfast with Oliver. Buchard enters and Lund quickly explains the situation, defending Meyer despite her misgivings. Buchard instucts Meyer to write a report on the events.

Hartmann holds his press conference as planned. He denies direct involvement and offers sympathy to the Birk Larsen family. The reporters question him about Lynge being a suspect (which he denies) and the police interpretation. He asks the reporters to address further questions to the police. As he goes to leave he is asked if the case has affected his relationship with the Centre party. He claims that local politics are rarely as dramatic as the tabloids suggest. They question him further about an alliance and he does not confirm the negotiations. He ends the conference with a joke about Bremer being too old for Eller.

Once they are in private Skovgaard reports that Eller was interested in their proposal. She brings up the e-mails and says that she should not have deceived him. He asks if she is apologizing and she insists that what she did was necessary. He tells her that it was illegal and they cannot use the information. He refuses to believe that Weber would risk their friendship. Weber enters with a draft of a speech for Hartmann. Hartmann says that he will read it in the car. Skovgaard suggests that Weber accompany him so that they can talk. Weber is reluctant but she says that she will hold the fort, pressing him into going.

Meyer says that Jeppe was telling the truth about spending the Saturday hunting but has discovered from the phone records that he called Oliver several times. Lund asks Meyer about Oliver's girlfriend. He says that he has questioned her and she told him that Oliver seemed worried and depressed. Lund says that they still need hard evidence and Meyer suggests that prints from the boiler room are sufficient. Lund reminds him that half of the school used the room. She asks about the DNA results and he says that they are still waiting. Lund insists that she will lead the questioning with Oliver.

Oliver refuses to talk to Meyer and his lawyer asks him to calm down. Lund apologizes for the misunderstanding and shakes hands with both of them. She asks Oliver if Nanna was planning to meet him and he denies this. She asks him if he knows who Nanna was meeting and he says no. She shows him a photo of the boots from Nanna's room and asks if he gave them to her. He again denies it. Lund asks what made him so angry that he threw a chair in college. The lawyer says that Oliver is exercising his right not to answer. Lund says that she is trying to help him and he admits that Nanna told him that she met someone else. The lawyer attempts to end the interview but Oliver keeps talking. He says that he invited Nanna to the boiler room to talk but she refused to come. Lund asked what he did in response and he says that he called her names but did not see her again. Lund thanks him and concludes the questioning.

Back in their own office Lund explains to Meyer that she believes something is wrong with his theory because it is clear that Nanna had a date planned. He insists that she could have been seeing Oliver. He tells her that all that is wrong is her unwillingness to let go of her job. A Detective interrupts them to report that forensics have been unable to process the DNA samples from the boiler room due to contamination. Meyer insists on searching the boys' flat again. The detective asks Lund to call the medical examiner.

Theis goes to a restaurant to discuss extending the lease of his current home with the owner, Karim. Karim offers condolences on Nanna's death. Theis explains that he has heard that Karim has influence with his landlord and asks him to let him stay in the flat. Karim says that Theis has always avoided him and Theis says that there is a reason for that. Karim is silent and Theis goes to leave. Karim calls after him, saying that he can tell Pernille that they can keep the place for as long as they like.

The principal talks with Rama on his way to class. She says that Oliver and Jeppe are being questioned by the police. He wonders what he should tells his class and she says that they do not know anything to tell them. Pernille is waiting for them at the top of the stairs.

The principal brings Lisa to talk to Pernille. They share a tearful embrace. Pernille asks if Nanna was upset and if Oliver was involved. Lisa denies both. Pernille wonders why the police keep asking about him and Lisa says that she does no know. Pernille asks about them going to the party together and Lisa says that Nanna seemed her normal self. She says that she does not know why Nanna said that she was staying with her and knew nothing of her plans. Pernille asks if Nanna was angry with her and Lisa says that definitely wasn't. Pernille leaves Lisa and finds a tribute to Nanna in the school hall. She sits for a moment and then makes to leave. She bumps into Rama on the stairs, knocking a pile of papers out of his hands.

Theis meets his realtor at the Humleby property. He tells her that he needs to sell the house quickly and does not mind making a loss. She is hesitant and explains that an insurance surveyor has found dry rot in the buildings basement, drastically reducing its value. Theis believes that his insurance should cover him against the circumstances but she says that it does not, warning that selling now will cause a huge loss.

Hartmann and Weber conclude a meeting at a local school. Hartmann plays with the children as Weber says goodbye to the press. They share a glass of water afterwards and Hartmann urges Weber to try a piece of cake. Weber says that he does not eat sugar and Hartmann calls him self righteous. Hartmann asks Weber if he has thought about the leak and Weber says that he has considered that it might have come from inside the office but that he has every confidence in their employees. Hartmann takes a phone call and agrees to return to the Town Hall.

He is met by Skovgaard who has troubling news; Eller has received a proposal from Bremer and has not agreed to their terms. Hartmann is furious, refusing to negotiate further. Skovgaard tries to calm him down and reminds him of the effort they have put into the alliance just as Eller calls. He composes himself and is polite but does not offer further compromise. He tells Skovgaard that he remained calm as he hands back the phone.

They return to their offices and Hartmann suggests contingency plans as Weber frets that the alliance was key to their strategy. He orders Weber to call a group meeting and tells Skovgaard to write a press release. She asks what it should say and he says that she will think of something. Weber urges them to call back and negotiate further. Rie becomes angry with him, saying that the breakdown of the alliance was his fault. Weber asks her to explain and the deduces that they believe he was responsible for the leak. He asks them to show him proof of their accusation. Rie brings up a copy of an incriminating e-mail on his laptop. He is disbelieving and denies writing it.

Rama returns Nanna's bike to the Birk Larsen family. Inside the flat the boys play with a remote control car while Theis tries to comfort Pernille. He asks her if she remembers the card Nanna drew for he fortieth birthday. Pernille worries about the flowers for the funeral and Theis says that Charlotte has taken care of it. He lies down next to Pernille and tells her that Nanna never doubted their love and that she has always been a good mother.

Lund meets with the Medical Examiner. He apologizes for the contamination of the DNA samples but says that they will obtain new ones. He wonders why she is still working the case, recalling her plan to move to Sweden. She says that she is leaving on Saturday. He tells her about a cider press he owns in Sweden. He says that he has looked at Clausen's report and finds the case very interesting. He says that the blood in Nanna's hair was clotted before she went into the water. He says that the bruising is concentrated on her right side. He tries to show Lund something on the body but she says they have already been through the post mortem findings. He shows her a series of bed sores down Nanna's right side that she mistakes for abrasions. He explains that the submersion in water obscured their origin by removing the surrounding redness from the skin, but that it has now returned. He explains that Nanna must have been left lying on a hard surface for fifteen to twenty hours. He says that there is evidence of multiple rapes over several hours. He reports that her abductor cleaned her hands, cut her nails and bathed her before she was in the woods. He says that she was drugged with ether, possibly several times. He suggests that the crime is not the perpetrator's first murder.

Lund returns to her office. Buchard argues with Oliver's lawyer about the grounds for arresting him as she tries to call the Birk Larsen family. She leaves them a message saying that they would like to collect the boots. Theis is home but does not answer the call. Pernille's parents arrive saying that they have flown in to offer their support.

Weber asks Hartmann what possible motive he could have for betraying him and says that they know one another. Hartmann says that he should go home and that they will talk later. Weber says that the job is his life and Hartmann says that the same is true for him. Eller enters and asks if they have a minute. Weber says that he is leaving and exits the room. She tells Hartmann that it was some trick that he played. He denies playing any tricks and she tells him that she has said no to Bremer. She says that she agrees with him about innovation and hopes that he can live up to his promises. He asks about her group and she says that they will do as she says. He calls her a force to be reckoned with. They sit down to discuss their alliance as Weber leaves the office, disconsolate.

Meyer asks Lund if she released the boys and she confirms that she did. Meyer says that they need to bring them back in. She says that she does not believe that they did it. Meyer tells her that he is sure they did. He shows her a video recovered from their flat that was taken on the night of the party. It shows Oliver, Lisa and Nanna at the party and then Oliver having sex with a girl in the boiler room. Her face is covered by a witches hat, similar to the one Nanna wore. Jeppe is filming the intercourse and pulls a blanket away from the girl. She pushes Oliver off of her and gets up. Lund reviews the video. Hartmann and Eller announce their alliance in a press conference. Pernille is comforted by her parents.




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