I am watching the series through for the first time and hope to watch an episode each day for the next few weeks where possible. I started on Saturday 9 June 2011 and am keeping up so far with episode 2 watched on Sunday 10 June 2011.

I am thoroughly enjoying the series so far. The first episode is a great pilot that gives you a firm sense of multiple characters while setting up the horrific crime that will presumably be the focus of the rest of the season.

The second episode builds on that foundation and deepens some characterization while following the investigation through much of its second day. I am loving the consecutive day structure of the series. I think it leads to some really tight plotting and hope that it is sustained over the rest of the season.

It is an immersive experience to view an investigation in this level of detail and to follow it step by step when television usually presents only a cursory overview, structured to make significant discoveries before each ad break. I am greatly enjoying seeing the contrast between Lund's calm and polite style and Meyer's more emotional and responsive approach.

I have seen the first season of the AMC adaptation of this series and was somewhat disappointed by the efforts to force a cliffhanger to end almost every episode. That said the cliffhanger that ends episode 2 seems like a genuine character moment with Lund and Meyer's disparate philosophies really coming to the fore. I liked the montage structure that opened and closed the episode and contrasting the investigators progress with the anxiety amongst the politicians and the raw grief of the Birk Larsen family made for an effective close to this episode.

I am impressed by the performances of the ensemble cast so far despite being distracted by having to read the subtitles, I am given more than enough time to appreciate the actors work. I am looking forward to another episode tomorrow.

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